The Importance of Great Lighters

If you are into camping or hiking, you know about starting fires in the wilderness. It isn’t always the easiest task. There is some pretty amazing survival technology available for even just the basics. Consider the importance of a good lighter on a hiking and camping trip. One of the most interesting great lighters on the market is plasma lighters. Based on the technology of Nicola Tesla, this great invention has been sparking fires all over the place for years and more years to come. It is amazing to see an arc spark and have it start a fire. It is absolutely brilliant.

Grab one or three of these plasma lighters from a good website. You will be amazed. It is essentially just electricity to work between two metal points. This creates and arc of electricity. Arcs are very hot and work under most weather conditions. You can count on this type of device for starting fires in wet environments. While you might have magnesium survival lighters available, the arc electricity is best to try first. Be sure you maintain a good charge on the device. In fact, you can get a great solar charger online for under thirty dollars. It is perfect for long excursions to charge you lighter and other devices.

Look at all the different options for lighters. For people who are into wilderness survival, things like a good plasma lighter will come in quite handy. Of course, you want to have some other lighting options and these lighters are of higher price. The point is that they are highly reliable lighters under some of the most extreme conditions. If you have ever used magnesium lighters, you know it is possible to light wet tinder. As long as the heat is hot enough and remains on the material, it should flame up. Lighters that work with an electrical arc are highly reliable in these circumstances.

plasma lighters

Get up a good collection of lighters that use plasma for a spark. Not only will you be technologically at an advantage, you will also be able to feel more confident in the wild. Sure, if you have experience in the wilderness, you are not afraid. However, you do know the importance of a good lighter that will get a fire going even under wet and cold conditions. That is something any survivalist or outdoor camping lover knows well. If you cannot start a fire, you are not in a good situation. That is the first rule of survival.

These lighters work off of electricity, not fuel. You do not have to refuel them. The spark is created electrically from the battery of the device. It is important to keep these devices charged, as described. That is the only negative point about these wonderful lighters that use plasma to spark a fire. They have to have electricity and that is the only failing point. Aside, as long as you can keep the device charged, you are in for an infinity of good fires.