The Amazing Prayer Blankets

Prayer Blankets are sewn with love and prayers for those who receive the blanket. This Prayer Blanket is a symbol of a faith sharing community "covering with prayer the individual who receives it."

The members of St. Joseph's parish in Fertile, MN commit to prayer as they fulfill their part in the construction of the blanket. The process involves shopping for material, washing, coordinating fabric, cutting, sewing, ironing and tagging. After the blankets are completed, they are placed on the altar at Mass and blessed by the priest. Those who are to receive the blanket are held in prayer. These beautiful acts truly transform the blanket into a "Prayer Blanket" whose very threads become interwoven with pleas for healing on behalf of the recipient.

This gift of prayer originated a the M D Anderson Hospital, in Houston, TX where the chaplain who gave the blankets to the sick found that they so uplifted the patients that she began to deliver them on a regular basis. Blankets were given to hospital patients, the sick at home, the Veteran's Hospital and cancer support groups. Missionaries presented them to the orphaned, very elderly, and those who were sick in Guatemala and Volograd, Russia. The gift was received as another wonderful way that people are doing God's work.

The Prayer Blanket brings comfort to the suffering and peace to the fearful. When one sees and touches these blankets, they know they are not alone - that they are covered in prayer and there are those who do care about them.

God has used this beautiful ministry not only to touch the lives of countless people who have received the Prayer Blankets while they are going through extremely difficult times in their lives, but the lives of those involved in the ministry as well. We are blessed to have so many people who give abundantly of their time, talents, and treasures, making Prayer Blankets possible. As a parish family, remember those who have been given a blankent in the Prayers of the Faithful at every Mass.

If you are in need of a prayer blanket, please contact Jan Erickson at 945-6118.