Celebrity Net Worth Wiki Reveals Celebs Favorite Places to Grub

Whether in L.A., New York, or elsewhere, celebrities always dine at the very best restaurants when they are in town. These restaurants serve a variety of foods, but the tickets on the foods are well above average. How much do celebrities spend on their meals? What restaurants are among their favorites? Once you read the celebrity net worth wiki of your favorite stars, you will easily understand why forking over such large sums of cash for lunch or dinner isn’t so bad after all.

A Place to Eat & Celebrity Watch

Nate & Al’s Deli is a Bel-Air specialty that celebrities love. The deli has been around for more than 70 years now, serving what many call the best tasting sandwich you will ever sink your teeth into. This deli serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Lion in New York City is a great place to go to celebrity watch. This restaurant serves many celebrities, with appearances recently made by Madonna and Jim Carrey.  You will likely not see the celebrities if you dine here, as there is a special bar for them in the back, but you might see them coming and going.

Aragawa is a Tokyo restaurant that serves tempting food with an average price of $365 per plate! The splurge is one that celebrities do not mind, citing the tastes that come from the kitchen are splendid, and not found at just any restaurant.

The South City Kitchen in Atlanta is an amazing restaurant, and many celebrities can tell you this firsthand because they love the spot just as much as the average Joe. Ben Affleck, Cameron Diaz, and Will Ferrell are just some of the celebrities who favor this hotspot.

The Chicago Cut Steakhouse is a favorite dining spot of our former 44th President Barack Obama, as well as celebrities like Derek Jeter and Robin Thicke. This steakhouse is sophisticated, charming, and has one of the best steaks in the entire city.

Andrea’s Restaurant in Las Vegas is another top spot for dining celebs. Many people love the post, including Lady Gaga and George Clooney. At Andrea’s, you will find a menu full of Asian choices, live music, an open bar, and so much more.

It’s a Starbucks Thing

celebrity net worth wiki

And, of course, celebrities love their Starbucks just as much as the next person. If you want to watch a celeb at a Starbucks, the NYC 74 Grove Street location seems to be a top spot for celebritie who want a cup of fresh piping hot latte.

These restaurants are all favorites of many celebrities, and if you have the cash to splurge on your meal, may very well be dining spots that you enjoy just as much. Otherwise, you can hang at any of these establishments for your shot at catching up with a celebrity that you adore. What could be better? This is just a small sampling of the favorite celeb restaurants around the world!

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