Understanding the Reality of Food Additives Like Carrageenan

When we are talking about something like food additives, it is best for us to get the full picture before we are forming any opinions. For instance, you will get some people telling you that any food additive is fine. They will say it does not matter what is listed on the package of the food that you are eating. Then we have others who are more concerned, and they will tell you that every single additive is harmful to you in some way. We do not think that thinking in this way is good, whether you have one point of view or the other.

What you need to do is think about what additives are good, and what additives are harmful. The issue is that many of us have no idea. For instance, there were some stories a couple of years ago about carrageenan potentially having issues. However, the stories were completely false. It was being misconstrued for another additive that did have issues. This additive is 100 percent safe, and has been determined as being safe by the FDA many times. So, if you are seeing this name in the food that you are eating, you have nothing to worry about.


But you do need to take into account what other additives may be in the things that you are eating. For instance, a lot of processed snacks do not have five or six ingredients, they have 20 or 25 instead. And that can seem very overwhelming. But if you read through those lists, you will see most of those things are very basic, and they are added in tiny amounts for flavor or color reasons. But it is still good to know what is being added to the food that you are consuming each day.

So, what can you do? We think that each time you buy something, you should read the list of what is in it. And then when you come across a word or phrase that you do not understand, look it up online. You can get much better information from a quick Google search, instead of asking a friend or someone who would not have much idea about additives. Your friends will mean well, but they may not have any more of an idea about the safety of an additive as compared to what you are thinking. It is just the way things are in the world.

That is why we think that informing yourself is the way to go. You will be shocked at how much you end up learning, and you will also be very happy that you took this step. You will know that you are doing things in the right way, and you will know that from now on, when you eat something, you are fully aware of what is in it. This will take away some of the paranoia that you may be feeling about food additives and their potential safety. Being informed allows us to eat things safely, as we know what is in them!